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About Me

I’m Kevin Fitzgerald.
President of Premier Behavioral Solutions.

Premier Behavioral Solutions, Inc. and its President, Kevin J. Fitzgerald, have been providing exceptional clinical and behavioral support services on behalf of intellectually disabled and brain injured adults for the past thirty-five years.

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What Clients Are Saying

"One of the most interesting real webinars I've attended in awhile. It held my attention and loved the candidness of the presenter. Presented a lot of information that was important to hear and has challenged me to make some changes to become a more effective and caring behavior analyst."
"I love how there is positive language surrounding direct care staff! I love that you reminded educators, several times, that all individuals with ID are like the rest of us, and should be treated with the same care and respect! Two powerful statements for betterment of society, as a whole"!
"I really like the relevance of the topics being presented in this series. I liked the presenter today, he did an excellent job making the information extremely relevant, easy to follow, and most importantly tangible-everyone leaving there has an idea of what they can do and things to look for."
"I really enjoyed this webinar. The GoTo Meeting platform is easy, I love that I can see the presenter and the slides, while not having to worry about my own picture/volume. Topics are highly relevant and well presented. I like the format of questions and polls. I love this presenter - he has a great way of acknowledging real concerns in a realistic and creative way without compromising his work. He also leaves you with a lot of actions steps you can take vs just issues to acknowledge or info to think about."
"I am a behavior therapist (I am clinical lead) in NL, Canada. We have recommended this series of webinars to all our behavior therapists across our province to view and then we meet the next day (over Zoom) to de-brief about the webinar. The feedback has been positive. Many of the examples he provides are akin to the same struggles we have (with support workers and others). It's been very validating to hear and provides us with new ideas, moving forward. Please provide him with this feedback. Thank you!"
"Restriction process in the field has been a confounding topic for me in the past. I have to say that NOBODY has ever provided a more comprehensive (and practical) approach to understanding the rights and wrongs of this complicated topic! Presentation was excellent and appreciate the willingness to answer all of the questions the audience had Thank you!"