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and brain injured adults

President: Kevin J. Fitzgerald M.A., LABA


Premier Behavioral Solutions, Inc. and its President, Kevin J. Fitzgerald, have been providing exceptional clinical and behavioral support services on behalf of intellectually disabled and brain injured adults for the past thirty-five years. Although there has been a tremendous influx of “new” behavior analysts during this past decade, the vast majority of those clinicians, unfortunately, have little or no experience or expertise in providing behavior analytic services to adults with intellectual disabilities; rather, the primary focus has been, and continues to be, on serving and supporting younger children with Autism, or those on the Autism Spectrum, typically in the environment of educational facilities or the provision of “in-home” supports.

Premier Behavioral Solutions, Inc. has already engaged several private provider agencies in the Massachusetts and Connecticut area that are extremely pleased with the quality of services they have been receiving. We are very familiar with the requirements and regulations of DDS in both Connecticut and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our ability to understand, appreciate, develop and “synthesize” a holistic “treatment approach” which includes basic practices and principles of Positive Behavior Supports, behavior analytic techniques, and a keen understanding of psychopharmacology, essentially means that the services we provide are unparalleled and without equal.

In addition to providing comprehensive clinical evaluations/assessments, we develop simple, user-friendly behavior support plans (that direct care staff can actually understand and implement!). We conduct comprehensive functional behavior assessments, arguably the “cornerstone” to developing an effective behavior support plan; we have expertise in developing data collection procedures that are person-specific, and we have significant competence in the analysis of data, from both a visual and statistical perspective.

At this point in our history, we are focusing primarily on working with provider agencies that require long-term, ongoing supports as opposed to conducting “individual” evaluations and assessments (though we will most certainly entertain those requests depending upon our availability).

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Conduct comprehensive FBA's (functional behavior assessments) to identify underlying functions of behavior and develop hypotheses so that formal behavioral strategies/interventions to effectively address behaviors can be developed

Develop simple, user friendly, person-specific data collection systems and assist in the interpretation and analysis of data from both a visual and statistical perspective

Assist in evaluating referrals for residential and/or day program services to assess for necessary clinical supports and potential appropriateness and compatibility with proposed placement/services

Develop simple BSP's (behavior support plans) that direct care support staff can actually understand and implement!

Make suggestions regarding appropriate psychopharmacological treatment of supported individuals

Provide comprehensive training in areas identified by the agency to enhance behavioral/clinical competence and supports (e.g. PBS/Positive Behavior Supports)

Assist in compiling all necessary information and documentation to present individual cases to external Human Rights and/or Program Review Committees

Assist in the identification of peripheral/extraneous variables that are likely impacting/influencing behavioral presentation

If you are reading about our experience and extensive menu of services, thinking about how nice it would be to have Premier Behavioral Solutions provide assistance to your agency, but concerned that you simply can’t “afford us”, think again! Most of our contracts are predicated upon a flat, reasonable, monthly service fee which eliminates the concern over “billable hours” or significant fluctuation or variability in cost of/for services. This allows the agency to have a fixed line item/expense for clinical and behavioral support/consulting services, and budget for that expense, accordingly.

Client Testimonials

"One of the most interesting real webinars I've attended in awhile. It held my attention and loved the candidness of the presenter. Presented a lot of information that was important to hear and has challenged me to make some changes to become a more effective and caring behavior analyst."

"I love how there is positive language surrounding direct care staff! I love that you reminded educators, several times, that all individuals with ID are like the rest of us, and should be treated with the same care and respect! Two powerful statements for betterment of society, as a whole"!

"I really like the relevance of the topics being presented in this series. I liked the presenter today, he did an excellent job making the information extremely relevant, easy to follow, and most importantly tangible-everyone leaving there has an idea of what they can do and things to look for."

"I was very impressed with Kevin J. Fitzgerald's knowledge and delivery of information, he shared his experiences with us and was willing to answer all of our questions, he is the SME in Behavioral Health Services. I appreciate his time to dedicate to help educate everyone without cost, thank you, I am grateful during these economic times."

"I am a behavior therapist (I am clinical lead) in NL, Canada. We have recommended this series of webinars to all our behavior therapists across our province to view and then we meet the next day (over Zoom) to de-brief about the webinar. The feedback has been positive. Many of the examples he provides are akin to the same struggles we have (with support workers and others). It's been very validating to hear and provides us with new ideas, moving forward. Please provide him with this feedback. Thank you!"

"Restriction process in the field has been a confounding topic for me in the past. I have to say that NOBODY has ever provided a more comprehensive (and practical) approach to understanding the rights and wrongs of this complicated topic! Presentation was excellent and appreciate the willingness to answer all of the questions the audience had Thank you!"

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