I’m Kevin Fitzgerald. President of Premier Behavioral Solutions

Premier Behavioral Solutions, Inc. and its President, Kevin J. Fitzgerald, have been providing exceptional clinical and behavioral support services on behalf of intellectually disabled and brain injured adults for the past thirty-five years. Although there has been a tremendous influx of “new” behavior analysts during this past decade, the vast majority of those clinicians, unfortunately, have little or no experience or expertise in providing behavior analytic services to adults with intellectual disabilities; rather, the primary focus has been, and continues to be, on serving and supporting younger children with Autism, or those on the Autism Spectrum, typically in the environment of educational facilities or the provision of “in-home” supports.

In addition to providing comprehensive clinical evaluations/assessments, we develop simple, user-friendly behavior support plans (that direct care staff can actually understand and implement!). We conduct comprehensive functional behavior assessments, arguably the “cornerstone” to developing an effective behavior support plan; we have expertise in developing data collection procedures that are person-specific, and we have significant competence in the analysis of data, from both a visual and statistical perspective.

Premier Behavioral Solutions, Inc. has already engaged several private provider agencies in the Massachusetts and Connecticut area that are extremely pleased with the quality of services they have been receiving. We are very familiar with the requirements and regulations of DDS in both Connecticut and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our ability to understand, appreciate, develop and “synthesize” a holistic “treatment approach” which includes basic practices and principles of Positive Behavior Supports, behavior analytic techniques, and a keen understanding of psychopharmacology, essentially means that the services we provide are unparalleled and without equal.

At this point in our history, we are focusing primarily on working with provider agencies that require long-term, ongoing supports as opposed to conducting “individual” evaluations and assessments (though we will most certainly entertain those requests depending upon our availability).